Care Bear Birthday Party

Last month was Heidi's 3rd birthday party. I was so excited when we finally decided that the theme would be Care Bears!

I started the party by having the kids pick out their own pair of Care Bear ears. I found the headbands at the Dollar Store and used pieces of felt that I already had. I used a large glass mug to help me shape the ears and then I hot glued them to the headband. I made Heidi's ears with fluffy pink feathers to make her stand out a little more in the crowd. Looking back I wish that I had used some glitter glue! Next I had the kids look at a Care Bear book to decide which belly badge to have painted on their faces. I was surprised at how serious they were about the face painting. Wyatt said that he never wanted to take a bath because his belly badge would wash away! They all looked so cute as little Care Bears.
The next activity was pin the belly badge on the Care Bear. I found the mask image online and re sized and printed. I think the kids could all see under the mask but they looked so cute wearing them. I found the image on Cheer Bear online. I had it printed on 2 pieces of 17 x 11 paper at Office Depot. I taped the two pieces together and then I mounted the image to foam board.
Every party has some down time. So in preparation I had printed out puppet sized images of Heidi's favorite Care Bears. I then put them in packets with crayons and popsicle sticks. They ended up just being a party favor because this party had NO down time!
I had grand plans for the pinata. I was going to do a full sized Care Bear. But I waited to the last minute to start it. I really did not enjoy the whole process (hate getting my hands all sticky) And decided to scale it down to the Belly Badge. I swiped Nicole's idea and cut out a trap door on the bottom, inserted ribbons long enough for each kid to hold onto. On the count of three we all yelled Care Bear Stare and pulled the ribbons. Out popped the trap door, and then all the candy!

As a center piece on the the birthday table I used the image of Cheer Bear again, erased her belly badge in my scrapbooking program and replaced it with the number 3. It turned out really cute.

Finally, my pride and joy! I decided to try my hand at a birthday chair. I found this fabric with cupcakes all over at Joann's (using a coupon). I traced the outline of the chair for a pattern piece. I added a ruffle around the top and a big bow on the back. Heidi looked adorable sitting on her birthday chair opening her presents.


NicoleD said...

Now I'm really sad I missed the party! That birthday chair is to die for...I'm going to be on the look out for some cute fabric. I wish I didn't have to wait 6 more months to use it though! Everything turned out so cute and you did an amazing job!

robin said...

The kids had so much fun. You had their total attention the whole time. When they were done they wanted to start all over. I have to say the face painting was the funniest. Wyatt woke up the next morning worried he had rubbed it off. There was so much fun had by all. Don't forget the fireworks. HaHaHa. Good job!!!!

Jerri said...

I just love Care Bears! (I've still got a big collection of them even though I'm 27!) Great party ideas!

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

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