The Whimsy Girls : About Us!

We are two sisters, one on the East coast the other on the West. We bridge the distance between us through our shared love of all things creative. We first started out creating custom knit hats and adorable outfits to photograph our own children in. We have had so much fun that we have decided to share our creations with you!
I am passionate about digital-scrapbooking and preserving all our special memories. I am the in-house designer at The Shabby Shoppe and create most of the ready-made albums and hybrid projects. I love to sew although I'm not very good at it. I enjoy decorating our house and the challenge of making it more homey and less rental-ish. You have to get creative with those white walls! I also dabble a little in photography and especially love photographing newborns!
I am a mommy to a 6-going-on-16 year old. It is amazing how fast your favorite music becomes Taylor Swift and your favorite T.V show Icarly! I'm married to my high school sweetheart and a real life G.I. Joe who I'm so very proud of. I so love a man in uniform!
I am a night-owl and love staying up all night and sleeping all day. It is when I'm most creative!

I have a passion for all things creative. Thanks to my big sis Nicole I've been digital scrap booking for 5 years. I've recently caught the 'alter' bug. I love to find old, drab, boring, ordinary objects to give them new life. I self describe my creative style as eclectic glam. You can never go wrong with glitter, sparkles, jewels, more sparkle and a little bit of weird!
I do have a very addictive personality. I'm addicted to coffee, lemon water, Power 90X, my treadmill, taking pictures of Heidi, my ipod touch, tweezing my eyebrows, and posing in the mirror!
I am a mom to a very precocious almost 3 year old, who insists that she is 5, but acts like age doesn't matter ( it's all in the attitude)! We have a blast working on our projects together. She loves glitter glue just as much as I do. Heidi takes up most of my time during the day so I get up extra early and stay up a little bit later so that I can do my fun stuff!
I have been married for the past 7 years to the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes that you have ever seen. The rest of him isn't that bad either!
My life philosophy " I just want life to be fun"....with lots of drama and sparkles;)

Our Little Sister, Annie, jumps in on the fun from time to time!
I have been married for almost 7 years to my childhood sweetheart. I am a mommy to a rambunctious 4 year old transformer (wyatt) and an almost 3 year old princess (madison). When I am not busy being a stay at home mom or teaching the kids pre-school skills I am busy painting!
I paint anything from custom canvas artwork to rocks and pots. I occasionally will branch out to sewing or scrap booking projects but painting is my main passion. You will notice that blue is my signature color! I will try to add it to every project.
I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love to go camping, hiking, fishing. The kids and I are outside playing, running, biking, skating all day. I use the outdoors as the inspiration for all my creative projects. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors!

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