Family Photo Book

One of the most rewarding things when you digital scrapbook is seeing all of your hard work in a printed format. I just got our first family album done a couple of months ago during one of Winkflash's amazing flat-rate book sales. (There's one going on right now) It has been so fun to have a physical copy of all these layouts. The book is nice and thin too - you wouldn't think it was 100 pages just by looking at it!

Here are a few of the actual layouts:


Nicole Durtschi said...

I had no idea you had been scrapbooking so much! Your layouts are wonderful and I can't believe how small Katie was! So, how did you like the quality of the winkflash book? I've only done Artscow and Shutterfly, but have been tempted to test out winkflash. Thanks so much for getting us started on the blog!

Michella said...

I'm working on an album right now (I might have to scraplift some of your layouts!) I was planning on using Artscow for printing, but if Winkflash has such awesome deals I'll have to give them a try.

Kate said...

There are some things I didn't like, for example, I thought there would be a blank filler page at the front of the book before the layouts started and there isn't, and there is a small white border on the outside of every page, but overall, I felt like it is a really nice book for the flat-rate price. I love that you can engrave for free on the front of the book (as long as it's a dark color book) and $30 for up to 100 pages is a killer deal. I haven't tried any other site though, so I can't really compare, but I was happy with the colors and the printing overall, and I felt like the site is relatively easy to use.

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