Rain, Rain Go Away

I've been working on all kinds of projects, but need to get the pictures off the camera! I made this layout of Liz last night. Dan and I were looking through old pictures the other night when I came upon this one from a couple years ago. She was not thrilled about taking pictures in her rain coat, as you can see. Even though she isn't smiling, this is still a favorite picture of mine. I think a lot of times we tend to focus on scrapbooking the happy memories and we forget about many of the "real life" moments.


robin said...

She looked so sad. Still very cute! Can't beleive how big she is getting.

Delina said...

I love your thought about capturing the real moments. Some people think their lives are not normal because everyone else looks so happy. Your thought is very down to earth! (Love the model too.)

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