Teacher's Pet Gifts

I can't believe I forgot to post these...they were released last week. I think the projects turned out so CUTE and I love that they aren't super "teacher-y".
This first one is a little Gift Set. I used the Summer Cottage Kit and then Shabby Princess made me a cute little apple embellishment to use. I can't wait to give these to L's teachers in a cute little bucket.
And here is another little Accordion Album that highlights events through out the school year. I'm actually going to mail this one to L's teacher back "home".
Thanks to Shabby Princess for printing and assembly and photographing everything!


Michella said...

The gift set is so cute. I can't wait to give these to Heidi's teacher when she goes to school! Will Shabby Princess print and assemble them for me too:)

Nicole Durtschi said...

I know! She is even sending them to me. I totally lucked out this year and only have to make one more stationary kit!

robin said...

Wish I was a teacher!!! Good job Nic!

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