Asian Inspired Flower Pots

To get inspiration I always browse through to see what's new. For awhile everyone was doing these birds on a branch as wall decals. And I LOVED it, but the look doesn't really go with my current home decor. So I painted these flower pots instead!I found an image that I liked at, converted it to black and white, resized to the desired size to fit my pots and printed. Now I know you are thinking, why didn't she just free hand paint. And that would have been so much easier. I'm not an artist, I can't even paint stick people. So I created this stencil and it worked awesome. I colored chalk on the back of my printed stencil, taped it to my pot, traced over the image leaving the chalk outline on the pot. For these pots I traced over the chalk lines with a black pen and then started painting. I used acrylic paint and then sealed the pots in a semi-gloss. Heidi and I water our flowers every day. My most favorite time of day!


Nicole Durtschi said...

I love these! They turned out awesome. My favorite is the light blue one. I've been loving the wall panels with the birds, too and they would look awesome in my bedroom. I've been too scared to try it because I can't paint either. I will have to try your technique. I've never thought of using chalk on the back of a stencil either. Thanks for the tips! Heidi looks sooo cute. I sure miss her.

robin said...

WOW! You did such a good job.The colors you picked are perfect.The pots are almost prettier then the flowers. I agree with Nic. Heidi is soooooo cute!

Tribal Kitty said...

these are so beautiful! great job!

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