Family Photos

My family came to visit for Thanksgiving last week, and we had family pictures taken while they were here. It ended up being kind of stressful because one of my daughters has a problem with motion sickness, and threw up on the ride to the studio - all over the only dress I had for her! Then, understandably, she was not in the mood to cooperate for pictures. Neither was my 6 month old baby. Between the two of them, it was really hard to get a good group shot. The photographer was very patient but, in the end, we really didn't get any truly spectacular pictures. Only one of my three daughters would even pose for an individual shot. So, this week, I decided to try and get some individual shots of them myself. It's so much easier at home in a low-stress environment to get them to cooperate. I'm not a super skilled photographer, but I'm around my girls all day long and can catch them when the mood is right. I'm pretty happy with the results - I feel like they reflect each of their personalities. Love those little faces. I can't wait to print them and get them up on the wall.

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NicoleD said...

These turned out so cute, Kate! You totally captured their personality. They will look fantastic framed and on your wall!

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