Preparing For Baby {Car Seat Canopy}

Hello! Nicole here!
I'm back after a little (8 month) unplanned break. I was busy creating something wonderfully cute and precious. It was exhausting work, but totally worth it in the end!
I'm so excited to introduce you to the newest ~and long awaited~ addition to our family. He arrived a month ago and has stolen our hearts.
~~William Jay~~

Although I didn't post on the blog, I was busy creating lots of baby things to prepare for the arrival of this sweet little man. Some things I created from scratch and others I used templates and patterns already provided by other fabulous bloggers. I took pictures along the way and I'm going to share it all! I will post as regularly as I can...or should I say as regularly as Will will let me!

{Car Seat Canopy}
My first project was a carseat canopy. They didn't have these 7 years ago when I had my daughter and it was at the top of my baby list for our little man. It took me forevvver to decide on fabric...I mean like 7 months! Everything I liked was way too girly. Then I stumbled upon the Happier Collection by Riley Blake. It was instant love. It comes in several color ways, but here are the coordinates I used.
Then I had to decide on how I was going to do it. I wanted something fancy and unique and different! I found the Zippit Car Seat Canopy pattern on Etsy and ordered it right away. It was a little pricey, but exactly what I was looking for. Plus, she allows commercial use of her pattern without any other additional charges! It was fairly easy to follow, but there were a couple parts that were a little tricky.
I'm so proud of my finished project! I put in a zipper and used piping, velcro and snaps for the first time...and it all works how it is suppose to! 
One of the things that drew me to this particular cover, was the angled side corners. I love that it doesn't touch the ground and get dirty. It is a much more tailored and clean look.
It has a bustle in the back to allow for air flow. It just snaps in place...super easy!
What I love the most, though, is the zippered front.
It is awesome being able to adjust it depending on where we are and what we are doing.
Our little man loves it and instantly falls asleep as soon as he is buckled in.
I give this cover 2 thumbs up and would totally recommend to those wanting to make one! 

I will be back soon with my coordinating diaper bag and accessories.
Once I finally found a fabric I loved, I went a little crazy with it!

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Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

What a beautiful project! Congrats on the little one...he is dreamy and precious :)
I would love to have one of these if I have more...good with 2 though. Thanks for stoppin by FFL :)

Jenn said...

I have heard these are really hard to make? Yours turned out so good. I love your fabric choices.

Modern Wivelyhood said...

That is so cute! I haven't seen one as detailed as that, love it! Your little one is adorable! Congrats!

Lindsay said...

I have seen lots of car seats covers before, but never like this! You totally rocked it! Love all the little details. So fun. Adorable little guy, by the way!

MSBABY said...

One of the cutest little car seat covers and babies that I've seen in awhile! Both are just precious. Congratulations.

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Elizabeth Wyatt Sewing Patterns said...

Hello! I just came across this post about my car seat canopy pattern. By now, I think your little one must be taking over the household - ha! I love how yours came out. Thank you for sharing it all those years ago. :)

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