Preparing For Baby {DIY Photo Props}

I'm not a professional by any means, but I love taking pictures...especially of newborns. I love browsing through etsy and looking at all the new and trendy photo props. In anticipation of the arrival of our little one, I had an entire list of pictures and props I wanted to use. Unfortunately, my budget didn't allow me to buy everything on my dream list....but it also didn't stop me from creating my own!

At the top of my list were the baby cocoons and hats. I love them. I want them in every color. And now I can! I realized that all they really are is a long tube. It dawned on my that I could easily use my Knifty Knitters {and I wouldn't have to learn to knit} that were tucked away in the closet! I was so excited! I ran right out, bought some yarn, and a couple hours later and two sets of cocoons with matching hats!
I used the Large {Green} Sized ring to create my cocoons. I made it approximately 20" long. My little guy was about a month old before I had a chance to use my cocoon and it was large on him. They have a lot of stretch to them. I used the Small {blue} Sized ring to create the little hats and it fit perfectly. I dressed the cocoon up a bit by tying a blue ribbon around him.
I love the "Pea In A Pod" pictures, so I also made a set in green. I'm still trying to get the perfect picture in a little basket, but I have captured a couple adorable ones!
These are large enough to go up around the baby, so they look all snuggly!
I also made a bowl shaped cocoon using the Extra Large {Yellow} sized ring. I waited a bit too long to use this prop, as my little man doesn't really curl his legs up anymore, making it hard to hide the diaper. He still fit in it, but it was a tight fit and he didn't really like it. This is a prop that would be best for a newborn, as they still curl up and sleep easily.
I didn't make this last one, but I bought the pattern off Etsy and my sweet mother in law made for me while she was visiting. I just love it! She is making me one in a larger size and I can't wait to get more pictures of him in it!

The best part is that I can add these to my Photo Prop Bin and use them when I take pictures of all my friend's new babies! 
I used Photoshop Elements and free actions from Coffee Tea and Photography and also Pioneer Woman to fix and dress up my photos a bit. I think one of the most fun parts is playing around with the photos when you are done!

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These cocoons are absolutely ADORABLE! Can I ask what kind of yarn you used and how much yarn it will take?

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